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Provide payroll service to the management and staff, prepare and submit withholding tax form (PND.1), prepare and submit the Social Security Fund, Provident Fund, Compensation Fund, etc.

Payroll processing

  • Calculate salary using a salary summary report once a month.
  • Online filing PND.1 service monthly.
  • Annually providing services for the preparation of PND. 1 Kor.
  • Service for preparing the annual withholding tax certificate for mailing to the company.
  • Online tax filing service for SSO 1-10 monthly.
  • Service to notify employees of their obligation to participate in the monthly social security system (SSO 1-03).
  • Monthly employee resignation notification service SSO 6-09.
  • Preparation of the annual compensation fund report.
  • Once a month, print salary slips for employees in the form of an E-Slip or Carbon.